You can now check out your weekly standings online.

Click Here!!!

Once at the website enter your league ID number
in the yellow box on the left. All league ID numbers are displayed below/

You may also create an account for automatic updates on your online league standing status.

The Click Here Link above is now fixed!!!!

Wacky League- 63420

Monday Night Mixed Up- 63421

Moose League- 63422

Tuesday Night Mens- 63423

Wednesday Coffee League- 63424

Queens- 63419

Sunsetters- 63425

Lakers- 63426

Jr. Classic- 63427

Jr. Majors- 63428

Hits & Mrs- 63429

Columbia Mixed- 63430



Angola Bowl
2305 N Wayne St
Angola, IN 46703
(260) 665-9312

Fall/Winter  Business Hours September - April
Sunday-1pm - 6pm
Monday-4pm - 9pm
Tuesday-1pm - 11pm
Wednesday 8am - 12 midnight
Thursday- 4pm - 11pm
Friday- 1pm - 12 midnight
Saturday 8am - 12 midnight

Summer Business Hours May-September
Sunday- Closed
Monday- Closed
Tuesday- Open at 1pm
Wednesday Open at 4PM
Thursday- Open at 4pm
Friday- Open at 1pm
Saturday 4pm - 12 midnight

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